Drug and Alcohol Rehab

How to Choose the Right Rehab

When someone realizes they are addicted to a substance, in most cases they will need professional help to get them sober again. Drug rehab comes in many forms but it always provides a safe space for people who are struggling with addiction to get the treatment they need to recover from their substance abuse problem. Attempting to quit alone is often dangerous and can lead to relapse for most people because they do not have the support system they need to stay sober.


Entering a treatment facility gives addicts the chance detox in a secure medical environment and also receive the type of psychological help necessary to end addiction permanently. Someone with an addiction needs to reform their habits and prepare themselves physically and mentally to re-enter society. Rehab offers people the chance to learn important skills that will help them stay committed to their recovery.

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How to Choose a Detox Program

Whenever someone enters an addiction treatment program they will also need to complete drug detox. It is only possible to recover from an addiction once you have completed the very necessary first step of going through detox. Someone with a chemical dependency can only begin their rehabilitation by first eliminating the substance from their body by abstaining from their usual level of abuse.

Not all detox programs are the same and it is important for someone with an addiction to take the time to find a situation that will make them feel comfortable and safe. The types of detoxes available can vary depending on the method used and the amount of time spent in the treatment center. For patients addicted to less severe drugs or with mild addictions, they might choose natural detox as a way to simply go “cold turkey” but under medical supervision. The benefit of natural detox is that you can quit using your drug of choice right away and you are usually able to complete the drug detox program within a few days to a week. Although natural detox may mean exfvperiencing more withdrawal symptoms, the patient will be supervised by medical staff that are there for support and to keep each individual as comfortable as possible. Choosing natural detox also usually means that you will be staying inpatient in a facility throughout the course of the program. It can be relatively easy for people to stay inpatient for natural detox since it may only last a few days or a week at most.

Social media’s impact on teen drug use


Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have, combined with the power of cameras on every cell phone, have began to capture every since facet of life these days. People know who was what which party, what they had for dinner, where they have been, who is in a relationship with who… almost everything.

Spawning Issues

One issue that has started to come about within social media is teens who show themselves drinking or using drugs, and thus inspiring other teens within the same circles to likewise use drugs and alcohol. They feel social pressure from what looks like the other person having a good time and feel left out, like they are not a part of something that is popular.

Studies have been done on this situation wherein teens were interviewed on this and were asked if they felt that they had been pressured into using drugs and alcohol. A staggering 75% said that they had in fact been pressured to do so under those circumstances, i.e. seeing someone else they know using drugs or alcohol over a social media site and wanting to do it themselves.

It seems to be difficult for teens to get away from it, what with everyone using social networking sites these days. The more teens post about their usage online, the more people get affected by it and the more their peers want to join in on the situation. The more the information about this problem is spread around, the more teens will become aware of the fact that what they are doing and what they are viewing is having more and more of a negative effect on them. Read more how Social Media’s Impact On Teen Drug Use